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What They Say:

"We LOVED to show!  You four put a smile on our face and contentment in our hearts.  

Going through life is a LOT nicer with TOAS"

        "Thank you for the fun evening at The Pitman Theater.  Such a walk through the best music played by wonderflully talented musicians - You all use your gifts and talents so well.  Seems we love a "plethora of genres"!  We seem to spend time scratching our heads at the world and it's problems, to be honest probably too much time.  But for those 2 hours we felt no connection to anything but joy!  Music is a healer and it turns out it is an escape too.  So we thank you for a respite!  I promise we won't stalk you but we do hope that we get more chances to connect in the future.  Time with you is good for the soul."   Lynne

"I want to thank Three On A String for the great music.  It was a pleasure seeing you, although our visit was too brief." 

George Bush, President of the United States


"The runaway hit of the conference was Three On A String.  You guys were sensational, Just as we knew you would be."

J.W. Lawrence, coordinator, Southern Governors Conference.


"We've never had as good a feeling among our customers as when Three On A String entertained for us"  

Tom Johnson, B&W Nuclear Technologies


"Three on a String is pure entertainment! We always look forward to having them on the show"  

Rick Burgess, The Rick and Bubba Show

        My name is Rod Marshall and I am president of Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes.  Several years ago, I was a member at Riverchase Baptist Church.  We were a fairly young and relatively small church at that time.  One of our key members and his daughter were killed in a tragic car wreck early one Saturday morning.  The whole church sank into a period of complex grief and borderline depression (if it is possible for a group to be depressed.)  One Sunday evening, about 4 months after the wreck, we had 3 on a String come play in our fellowship hall.  The widow was on the front row.  You guys made us all laugh and we all got to see her laugh.  It was a turning point for our church.  It was almost like  a public announcement that the period of grieving had ended and it was time to rebuild our community and rediscover our joy


Thank you for using your talent for such a worthy cause!  I hope some day to recruit you guys to do something for the Children’s Homes, but I will reach out to you another day to share some ideas I have on that front.  Thanks for being an Alabama institution.


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