What They Say:

"I want to thank Three On A String for the great music.  It was a pleasure seeing you, although our visit was too brief." 

George Bush, President of the United States


"The runaway hit of the conference was Three On A String.  You guys were sensational, Just as we knew you would be."

J.W. Lawrence, coordinator, Southern Governors Conference.


"We've never had as good a feeling among our customers as when Three On A String entertained for us"  

Tom Johnson, B&W Nuclear Technologies


"Three on a String is pure entertainment! We always look forward to having them on the show"  

Rick Burgess, The Rick and Bubba Show

        My name is Rod Marshall and I am president of Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes.  Several years ago, I was a member at Riverchase Baptist Church.  We were a fairly young and relatively small church at that time.  One of our key members and his daughter were killed in a tragic car wreck early one Saturday morning.  The whole church sank into a period of complex grief and borderline depression (if it is possible for a group to be depressed.)  One Sunday evening, about 4 months after the wreck, we had 3 on a String come play in our fellowship hall.  The widow was on the front row.  You guys made us all laugh and we all got to see her laugh.  It was a turning point for our church.  It was almost like  a public announcement that the period of grieving had ended and it was time to rebuild our community and rediscover our joy


Thank you for using your talent for such a worthy cause!  I hope some day to recruit you guys to do something for the Children’s Homes, but I will reach out to you another day to share some ideas I have on that front.  Thanks for being an Alabama institution.